Gut health, stress and self-care with Ange Sinclair

Gut Health, Stress & Self-Care With Ange Sinclair

In this episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, I talk to Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist Ange Sinclair about gut health, stress and self-care. Ange Sinclair is the founder of Digestive Detective and she helps women beat the bloat, purge the pain and get to the root cause of their digestive issues. Ange educates and empowers you to be your own Digestive Detective through one on one consultants and courses.

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Episode Highlights

  • [2:00] Ange’s story and the reasons why she decided to become a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist.
  • [5:34] Chronic stress and the impact it has on bowel function, neurotransmitters and adrenal function.
  • [8:14] The brain gut connection.
  • [11:05] Lack of sleep and what it’s doing to our gut health.
  • [14:12] The coronavirus and why it’s important that we address gut health now.
  • [17:53] The biggest mistakes people make when it comes to fixing their gut health.
  • [24:23] Why self-care should be the most important thing.
  • [30:15] The first step people must take when it comes to their digestive health.

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