Debra Shepherd | Simplicity

Hi, I’m Debra Shepherd


As long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about bringing people together, educating and building relationships. I spent 20 years’ working in the media, communications, public relations and social media. In 2011, I started a social media consultancy. As an International Consultant, Mentor and Trainer I worked with business leaders and entrepreneurs across a range of industries from health and wellbeing, to robotics, building, hospitality, marketing, coaching and HR. My clients were extraordinary, and I featured in INTHEBLACK, Women Love Tech and 50 Unsung Business Heroes.


There came a time when life was moving fast. It was hectic. I was working so hard and there was so much going on inside and outside of the business. I felt stressed, anxious, tired and it affected my wellbeing.


I knew putting everyone else first and pushing through wasn’t the answer because I’ve done this before so many times and it’s affected my wellbeing. This was different. I chose to stop. 


I had a deep knowing I was here for more. I wanted to contribute in a more significant way by helping people on a much deeper level. I took time away from my business because I knew social media was the first step of something much bigger.


Today, I’m on a mission to help you create more ease, joy and meaning in your life. I help busy online entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, personal brands and service professionals make a bigger impact and create a life they love with less stress and without burnout. Unlike other approaches that focus on doing less, I use a powerful framework that will support you in creating a solid, sustainable foundation from which to run your life and business. A framework that I live in today. A framework that has changed my life and I know it can support you too.


This isn’t about stopping everything. It’s about intentionally creating your life in a way that serves and supports you.


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